• Environment and energy resources
    • Architecture and urban planning
    • Insurance and social security
    • Patents
    • Chemistry
    • Trade
    • Contracts, deeds, depositions, legal cases, workplace rights
    • Law
    • Economy, finance, the banking sector, taxes
    • Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
    • Professional training
    • Building and construction
    • Mechanical and electronic engineering
    • Software and website localisation
    • Marketing, market research
    • Medicine, the biomedical sector and biotechnology
    • EU regulations, company certifications, quality control
    • Nutrition and the food industry
    • Advertising, press releases, newsletters, company magazines
    • Rehabilitation and fitness
    • Social-cultural services
    • Agriculture and forestry sector
    • Automotive and railway sector
    • Telecommunications
    • Editorial texts
    • Transportation and logistics
    • Tourism and leisure
    • Video games


    • Just send an e-mail or call us to reach two qualified professionals
    • Revision of a translated text by a second translator
    • Specialised expertise and in-depth inter-cultural understanding
    • Greater capacity (teamwork means we can take on even large projects)
    • Terminological and stylistic consistency (we have been established translators for several clients for years; we use Trados to create term banks)
    • Fast, punctual delivery
    • Rapid response to requests
    • Constant availability to carry out our assignments (the structured workflow between translator and internal reviser means counting on two constantly prepared professionals for the same topic, and who can be interchanged and replaced in case of need or absence)

Choosing Logomakìa means trusting two freelancers, with the advantage of direct dialogue with the translator to clarify every aspect of the project and get a final product ready for publication or distribution, true to the customer’s needs from every point of view.
To guarantee use of the specialist terminology, we use trusted reference sources, even online: term dictionaries, thematic glossaries and similar documents, by topic and style, for the texts to be translated. Our vast experience in the editorial sector lets us also elaborate texts with the most creative style.
The high quality and accuracy of our translations is ensured by the four-eyes principle: every translated text is reviewed by a second translator before final delivery to the customer.
We are equipped with an efficient, rapid IT system to process, send via e-mail or load onto servers even very heavy files that are loaded with graphics. We use our FTP server for this kind of file. We work on all main word processors and we use modern assisted translation software such as Trados, a program that improves term consistency and encourages greater technical, manual and IT translation quality.