Our main clients are important, successful foreign translation companies who we have been collaborating with to translate texts or localise sites and software for their customers, which include prestigious multi-nationals and market leaders in many differing sectors. Our workhorse is translating texts that publicise or editorialise, with a refined style that requires creative handling, or texts with highly complex contents, involving accurate terminology choices whose meaning has to be precisely rendered. Company reviews, newsletters, press releases, internal communications, product brochures and manuals are our bread and butter.

Our clients also include foreign and Italian companies, for whom we deliver translation services as well as interpreting services for company visits, training or meetings organised with salespeople or suppliers.

Lastly, collaboration with public and private organisations such as municipalities, provinces, training services, regions, universities, healthcare providers and research centres are also an integral part of our interpreting and translating activities. We already work with EU projects, twin-cities and exchanges, committing to improving cross-cultural communication for seminars, conferences, institutional meetings, etc.