We translate from German, English and French into Italian, our native language. Our almost 20 years’ accrued experience on international markets have allowed us slowly but surely to increase our fields of specialisation.

We translate mostly economic, administrative and legal texts for the insurance, banking and financial sector, which require precise terminology, accurate understanding of the topic at hand, and excellent knowledge of the legal and economic systems of the target country. We provide a more refined, engaging style for popular science and marketing texts published in company reviews, newsletters or on websites, aimed at clients or suppliers.

Other fields of specialisation are tourism, construction, environment, logistics, transportation, and the automotive and railway sector. Over the years, we have accrued a great deal of experience in the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. One significant part of the assignments we have been entrusted with has been in the areas of workplace rights, training, social sectors, social security and pension plans.

In the technical and scientific arenas, there are numerous texts involving mechanical, electronic and chemical topics.

Our activity also includes website and software localisation on different subjects, including video games, a field we boast solid skills in, developed mostly for the prestigious companies in the sector.


Interpreting work is done directly by us or together with other, highly qualified, reliable, professional colleagues. This allows the customer (translation agency, company, public or private organisation) to talk directly with the professional to outline all the basic organisational aspects for a successful event. Our experience and skills are also at your service for the best type of interpreting for your needs.

Business interpreting
Conference interpreting and business meetings

Business interpreting is carried out during technical or marketing visits, during training, at fairs or accompanying abroad.

We can offer our professional skills in many sectors and at varying levels, ensuring inter-cultural communication quality and a successful event: company meetings, conferences, seminars, training, institutional meetings, etc. The interpretation types adopted for these occasions are:

Simultaneous interpreting: usually a pair of interpreters per language listen to the speakers’ discussion in a booth with headphones, simultaneously translating to the audience’s headphones. These are ideal for international conferences, seminars, workshops, conventions and company meetings.

Whispered and simultaneous interpreting (chuchotage): if the translation is only needed for one or two people, a simultaneous interpreter can sit alongside them and whisper the translation, thus eliminating the cabin.

Consecutive interpreting: the interpreter translates a speech at brief intervals without using headphones. This type of interpreting is best when only one or two languages are needed, in short conferences with few foreign speakers.