Given our working languages – Italian, French, German and English – it was natural for us to turn our gaze to the Swiss market. A multi-lingual country par excellence, Switzerland immediately became our main employer. We have made their language our own: its national and cantonal institutions, its banking and insurance sectors, but also its big companies, famous throughout the world for the quality of their products, from watches to pharmaceuticals to local food products.

We have delved into its industries, into tourism, into the transport and logistics system, into the natural, historical and artistic heritage, and we have learned the nuances of Swiss French and German, but most of all we learned to express ourselves in the distinctive Italian spoken in Ticino and the southern valleys of Graubünden. Language is just one aspect of the many facets that make up a tradition, much of which is decided by local culture and customs. This is why we have studied the Swiss economic and administrative system, familiarising ourselves with the federal acts and ordinances that oversee the world of work, education, economic and productive activities, but also private life, civil and criminal law. Among the Swiss companies we translate for are prestigious banks, insurance companies, social security foundations, federal offices and departments, telecommunications operators, logistics and transportation companies, railways, postal services, agri-food companies, professional associations, training organisations, etc.